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2021 DSSF Songwriters

Two guitars players performing on an outdoor stage

Congrats to the 2021 Songwriters

The Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival, taking place in downtown Dripping Springs on October 15-17, 2021, is excited to announce the 2021 performing songwriters. Over 300 songwriters from across the US applied to perform and 50 songwriters were selected by the esteemed group of music industry professionals. 20 of the songwriters selected to perform are new to the Festival and 30 are returning songwriters.

Alex Winters

Alicia Stockman

Aline Deanna

Andy Sydow

Anna Katarina

Anna Larson

Anthony Garcia


Autumn Nicholas

Ben Balmer

Billy Broome

Bob Simpson

Brandon Padier

Braydon Zink

Cari Ray

Cheyloe Martin

Chris Taylor

Christine Malcolm

Clare Cunningham

Dan Patterson

Dan Weber

Daniel Thomas Phipps

Dean Johanesen

Emily Barnes

Erik Van den Broeck

Erica Michelle

Fallon Franklin

Hannah Belle

Helene Cronin

Hope Cassity

James Lee Baker

Jess Jocoy

Josh Fuller

Kristen Foreman

Lacy Green

Lance Dubroc

Mandy Rowden

Natalie Price

Nick Nace

Pat Hull

Ray Prim

Ryan Biter

Scott Martin

Shawn Byrne

Vanessa Lively

Wes Collins

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