Visit the Dripping Springs Farmers Market

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Visit the Dripping Springs Farmers Market

A variety of summer veggies on a table.

Make Dinner with Local Ingredients from the Dripping Springs Farmers Market

The farmers market is a destination for meal inspirations, because who doesn’t get giddy upon seeing an abundance of colorful, seasonal produce like, juicy tomatoes, spicy arugula, and shiny peppers in every color of the rainbow?

With the weather cooling down we're craving some delicious home cooking and warm meals. When we need a little inspiration, we head to our local Wednesday market at the Triangle in downtown Dripping Springs. Combine flavors in interesting ways by collecting fresh veggies, fruits and herbs and remember - what grows together goes together.

Before you go to the market, have in mind some super basic meal formats that are adaptable to a wide range of produce. Consider meals like pasta, pizza, tacos, frittatas, and big grain salads. Stepping foot into the market can be a little overwhelming, but if you have a plan, you are far less likely to waste food or buy something you don’t necessarily need.

For example, tons of spring and summer veggies like squash, onions and tomatoes can be grilled and tossed into a lemony pasta. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and leeks can be baked into a big frittata. Mushrooms and a variety of other vegetables can be chopped and put on a pizza. You don’t have to reinvent the meal wheel to feel creative while cooking, and visiting the local Dripping Springs Farmers Market will make meal planning and prepping easier and more fun.

If you need recipe ideas using fresh, local veggies, herbs and fruits (it is almost peach season after all 😁 ), check out Johnson's Backyard Garden for recipes that use in-season ingredients.

While you're at the market, don't forget to pick-up some olive oils and balsamic vinegar from the Texas Hill Country Olive Company or some heirloom grains for baking from Barton Springs Mill. There's usually always a meat vendor selling lamb and beef as well as an egg vendor with fresh, pasture raised eggs.

Make sure to visit the Dripping Springs Farmers Market, Wednesdays, 3 – 6 pm at Founders Memorial Park.

Founders Memorial Park is located off Founders Park Road and can be accessed via Ranch Road 12 North or via Rob Shelton Boulevard off 290.
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