Dripping Springs is a Dark Sky Community

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Dripping Springs Night Sky Initiative

Dark sky over Dripping Springs

Protecting Starry Skies for Gazing Eyes

The stars at night are still big and bright deep in the heart of Dripping Springs. And, as one of the first designated International Dark Sky Communities, we intentionally keep it that way. In order to preserve peaceful nighttime views, the city has enacted efforts to keep light pollution out and sky quality in. With the cooperation of local residents and the keen eyes of the Hays County Friends of the Night Sky, Dripping Springs has developed a light pollution education and outreach program conducted by local volunteers and city staff. The volunteers and city staff also measure and monitor the night sky quality.

So, the next time you’re enjoying our Dripping Springs skies, give a nod to our fellow neighbors who understand that a clear view of the stars at night is a resource that must be saved and passed along to future generations.

To learn more about the Dark Sky Movement, visit the International Dark Sky Association’s website at https://www.darksky.org/, the IDA Texas Chapter’s website at http://www.idatexas.org/, and the City of Dripping Springs Night Sky Program, visit https://www.cityofdrippingsprings.com/night-sky.

Starry sky over Dripping Springs

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