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Flowers & Decors

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Whoosh! Pink, red, purple, white fill the air and flutter to the walk way floor as the flower girl reaches into the basket and throws another handful of petals. On tables or in hanging baskets, the colors of flowers paint the scene. Positive and vibrant energy radiates at the wedding. Sounds of laughter engulf the hall and wine glasses clink together. The flowers add to the jubilee, setting the scene for the picture perfect wedding.

Look at our list below to find a flower and decorations company fitting your needs. From bouquets to baskets to decorations, the businesses do it.

Need something more to help create the perfect scene? We have different event rental services that can help.

The Flower Girl - Flowers

The Flower Girl - Flowers

Inspired by Kari's commitment in every event and absolute love of all things floral, Kari has worked with many to come up with a particular vision and design to achieve the perfect event. She has gathered a team of talented artists to bring your dream flowers to life. From small and cozy, to large and grand, The Flower Girl is dedicated to you.
HEB Blooms

HEB Blooms

Let your H-E-B Floral Designer create something beautiful and memorable for your wedding. 
Whim Hospitality - Flowers, Rentals, Catering

Whim Hospitality - Flowers, Rentals, Catering

The Whim Hospitality family of services includes Whim Event Rentals, Whim Florals, Whim Catering, and Whim Event Supply. Separately, or as a package of services, our Whim teams are dedicated to delivering the ultimate custom, creative, delicious, and seamlessly professional experience. Whim is located in Dripping Springs, Texas, just minutes from Austin and near the Hill Country’s most spectacular wedding and special event venues.
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