Best Dripping Springs, TX Live Music, Bar and Clubs to Catch a Show

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Live Music

Four different songwriters playing guitars on an outdoor stage.
If you're visiting Dripping Springs, one thing you can be sure of is that there will be some kind of live music on the day of your visit. Somewhere on Mercer Street, or somewhere nearby, someone will be on stage.

Once located in downtown Dripping Springs, but now on RR 12 sits Mercer Dancehall. It's been called a true Texas dancehall, the like of which are not often seen anymore. Visitors can catch a variety of musical acts on its stage, whether it's a traditional country act or more contemporary fare.

"Mercer Dancehall has got the dancehall feel with a honky-tonk vibe, and the fact that it's in Dripping Springs makes it better," legendary country music singer Dale Watson said.

Open Friday - Sunday, the dancehall has one of the largest dance floors in the area.

But the music doesn't stop at the dancehall.

On the west end of Mercer Street sits Hudson's on Mercer. Owners Natasha and Chad Hudson say it was created by artists for artists, with state of the art sound boards, recording studio and give music lesson rooms in the back. In it, you'll find a combination of home grown Central Texas talent, as well as nationally known musicians. Muddy Waters Blues icon Paul Oscher said of Hudson's, "Man I like it out here. It's a place with an old time feel and a close in audience feel that musicians love."

The music scene continues to expand with many local restaurants, coffee houses, bars, wineries, breweries and distilleries supporting the cause. Below is a list of a variety of venues that showcase local and regional live music talent:
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