Enjoy The Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival

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Enjoy The Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival

Your Weekend Plans Just Got Easier with the Songwriters Festival in Dripping Springs, TX
Everybody needs something to look forward to—a circle on the calendar that gives every day a little perpetual motion. The Dripping Springs
Songwriters Festival is free, and gives you the opportunity to do just that. Starting on Friday, October 18th and running through Sunday, October 20th, the Songwriters Festival brings the Texas Hill Country a rousing celebration of music and community. Read on to find out why the Songwriters Festival should be your next source for live music in Texas.

The Concert Before the Concert
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024, the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival will actually kick off a week earlier than its official start date of the 18th. This is when you can attend the Headliners Showcase Concert at Mercer Dancehall, which will give you just a little taste of the full experience to come.
In addition to a live show, the Headliners Showcase Concert will also feature a live auction. The Headliners Concert is the only ticketed event. Keeping with the festival’s theme of supporting songwriters and music in our community, the proceeds from the auction will go toward a local music education program and to the longevity of the festival.

Three Days of Live Music in Texas

Friday and Saturday’s shows will operate according to the “in the round” style made famous in Nashville. What this means is that three or four songwriters will share a stage, then take turns playing songs, rather than play their respective sets all at once.

Come Sunday, the final day of the festival, attendees will get to experience the “Final Jam.” As the name suggests, this show will invite all the festival’s performers to gather on stage for one huge jam session.

Some of the Best Live Music Venues in Texas

A music festival is only as good as its venues, and the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival is lucky enough to have some of the best concert venues in all of Texas. Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, these venues come in many shapes and sizes, each exuding their own distinct personality and charm.

Festival Stages will be located at:

All the stages are located within walking distance of one another in Dripping Springs’ Historic Downtown District. Come with an empty stomach, because each venue will offer its own selection of food and drinks to enjoy the shows with. Then on Sunday, you’ll be able to attend a Gospel Brunch Showcase at Hudson’s on Mercer Street and the subsequent Final Jam.

Pull Out All the Stops at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival

The Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival brings all the traditional joys of a music festival: multiple artists across multiple venues, tons of food options, and a sense of communal appreciation for the arts. However, according to AARP, what makes the festival “industry opposite” is its focus on up-and-coming artists, as well as the unique—and often underappreciated—art of songwriting.

We can’t wait for you to come to Dripping Springs and experience the big charm of this small Texas town! Start planning your stay right now by browsing some of our extra cozy lodgings. See you in October!

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