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Hill Country Night Sky Month in Dripping Springs

A dark sky with the milky way.

The stars at night remain big and bright deep in the heart of Texas.

October is officially Hill Country Night Sky Month in Dripping Springs, TX. With urban sprawl creeping in from Austin and the east, and more people finding refuge in the hills of Dripping Springs, the importance of preserving darkness in our night skies is as important as ever. Across the world, artificial light at night is increasing and getting brighter, so why do the night skies need to be preserved?

In 2014, Dripping Springs was the first community in Texas to be designated as an International Dark Sky Community. The designation honors the dark skies of the City of Dripping Springs’s dedication to reducing light pollution. Since 2014, Dripping Springs has worked diligently to help local businesses and property owners follow the outdoor lighting ordinance and to provide information on the lighting standards for the community.

Being able to see the milky way is great and all, but what are the benefits?


Dripping Springs is located on the central flyway for bird migration and dark skies are pertinent for a successful journey. Artificial lights can disorient birds who migrate at night, causing them to improperly time their journey or veer off track.

Reduce energy usage.

Reducing light pollution comes with a welcome benefit of decreasing energy consumption. According to the International Dark-Sky Association, about 30% of all outdoor lighting in the U.S. is wasted. Improvements in lighting design, technologies, and efficiency can conserve energy (and money).

Heritage and rural character

Night skies were important to early settlers. That connection is an important part of our pioneer heritage and rural culture in Dripping Springs. Light pollution diminishes our ability to view and enjoy the night sky. This has subtle but significant cultural impacts, especially for future generations. Humans can rest easy with their circadian rhythms intact in Dripping Springs.


Is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching a meteor shower, discovering a constellation, or just simply taking in the vast blanket of stars that cover our night sky? We think not! Stargazing increases our connection to nature, it fosters inspiration and imagination, and this free activity can be enjoyed by all ages.

If you’d like to celebrate Hill Country Night Sky Month, a few of the Dripping Springs area parks host their own local night sky programs and festivals throughout the year. Parks like Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center, Pedernales Falls State Park, and Milton Reimers Ranch offer guided events that lead you on a deep sky exploration of our solar system where you can see planets, constellations, nebulas, and distant galaxies.

Take part in the Dripping Springs Star Party at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park. As a part of Hill Country Night Sky Month, the City of Dripping Springs is excited to offer an opportunity for families to come and enjoy a night under the stars. Throughout the night you and your family can gaze at the constellations above, view galaxies far far away through a telescope, and learn about the universe from our local astronomy enthusiast, and more! You may even see some of the Draconids Meteor Shower, that reaches its peak on October 8. Star Party

Make sure to check our event calendar to plan your next stargazing adventure: Event Calendar

For self-guided stargazing adventures, local city parks remain open until midnight and are perfect places to take in the magnificence of the night sky: Parks & Nature

Thanks to the International Dark-Sky organization, the recognized authority on, and the leading organization combating, light pollution worldwide, and the City of Dripping Springs. Because of International Dark Sky Organization and the City of Dripping Springs, residents and visitors can bask in the benefits of viewing one of the area’s starriest skies.

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First image: Terry Brim
Second image: Jerry Moreno Photography
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