6 Excellent Coffee Destinations in Dripping Springs

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6 Excellent Coffee Destinations in Dripping Springs

A latte, a variety of donuts and tea on a table.

Best coffee shops and roasters in the area:

Dripping Springs is home to many locally roasted, owned, and operated coffee shops, and visiting your neighborhood roaster is one of the easiest ways to support our local economy. Whether you are looking for a spot to study, meet up with friends or colleagues, locate freshly roasted beans or just simply a place to enjoy this great weather on an outdoor patio, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best coffee shops and roasteries in the Dripping Springs area.


Juan Chan’s Le Muse coffee, located in the Caliterra subdivision off of Ranch Road 12, offers Hispanic, family-inspired food and drinks that are one of a kind in Dripping Springs. “The way my mom used to make hot chocolate is the way I make it for people. Everything is freshly made to order. When you order the drink, I don’t have anything pre-mixed.” Le Muse offers specialty craft coffee and premium tea along with breakfast tacos and baked goods.


Located in the heart of downtown Dripping Springs, Mazama is a relaxed, sit-down or take-out coffee shop that fits into the Mercer Street vibe like it’s been there forever. Depending on COVID rules, indoors there is a quiet “flex room” for people who’d like to work away from home - with free wi-fi, of course - or you can just enjoy the community atmosphere in the cafe. There’s also an ample shady courtyard where well-behaved dogs are welcome. Mazama “roasts, bakes, and brews” in-house daily, offering a variety of quality coffee and tea beverages, plus breakfast, lunch, and baked goods.


The grande dame of the food scene in Dripping Springs, Rolling in Thyme and Dough was started in 2005 by Fabienne Bollom, a professionally trained European baker. As you can imagine, Bollom’s bread and baked goods are out-of-this-world delicious, and her hazelnut coffee, especially, is marvelous. Coming soon is a new drive-thru located at the intersection of ranch road 12 and Fitzhugh where you’ll be able to snag Thyme & Dough's delicious coffees and pastries to-go!


Founded by closely-knit family and friends in the Texas Hill Country, Summer Moon has always had one goal in mind: to create a distinctive, out-of-this-world, experience that people drive across town for. And the element that drives people across town to Summer Moon is the wood-fired processing. Their wood-fired coffee roasting process results in a smooth, balanced coffee and every batch of Summer Moon coffee is roasted over seasoned Texas oak in their handmade brick roasters. Swing by Summer Moon to get a cup of fresh-made coffee with their world-famous moon milk, or by a bag of coffee to go to enjoy at home.

And of course, there’s always tried and true Starbucks!

Booze-y Coffee

Both coffee and booze are important in Dripping Springs so of course there are distilleries that serve up coffee cocktails made with their coffee liquors!


If you’re looking for a sweet and boozy sipper, check out Revolution Spirits Cafecito coffee liqueur made with Austin’s Cuvée Coffee. The Cuvee coffee is a bold but not too strong Colombian blend with hints of molasses. The coffee is combined with a neutral corn spirit and sugar before being infused with Madagascar vanilla beans, resulting in a balanced but sweet snifter. Revolution Spirits recommends enjoying the liqueur neat, with a bit of cream or milk, or paired with a brown spirit.

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