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Submissions for the 2020 Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival

Songwriter submissions for the 7th Annual Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival will open in the spring of 2020. Songwriters who are interested in applying to be considered to perform at this year’s event should sign up now for the DSSF Newsletter – it’s there that we will announce when we will begin taking submissions and how to submit. To sign-up for the e-newsletter, the click the envelope in the header at the top of this website. Also, don’t forget to Follow and Like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Two guitars players performing on an outdoor stage

Thanks again to our 2019 Songwriters!

AUBRYN, Nashville, TN – BEN BALMER, Austin, TX – ADRIAN BAMBROUGH, Lanzarote, SPAIN – EMILY BARNES, Johnsonburg, NJ – LOCKWOOD BARR, Nashville, TN – RYAN BITER, Flagstaff, AZ – ALYSE BLACK, Austin, TX – JUDY BLANK, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS – LYNDY BUTLER, Hurricane, UT – SHAWN BYRNE, Nashville, TN – SCOTT COLLINS, Austin, TX – WES COLLINS, Chapel Hill, NC – HELENE CRONIN, Plano, TX – KAREN DAHLSTROM, Brooklyn, NY – ERIC ERDMAN, Mobile, AL – EDDIE ESLER, Ft. Worth, TX – IAN FLANIGAN, Saugerties, NY – FALLON FRANKLIN, Buda, TX – NICOLETTE GOOD, Austin, TX – MATT GRIGSBY, Denton, TX – DEAN JOHANESEN, Sarasota, FL – SHAWNEE KILGORE, Austin, TX – ANNA LARSON, Austin, TX – JODEE LEWIS, Chicago, IL – VANESSA LIVELY, Austin, TX – SCOTT MARTIN, Austin, TX – GRACE MORRISON, Rochester, MA – CHRIS MOYSE, Nashville, TN – MICHAEL MYERS, Dripping Springs, TX – NICK NACE, Nashville, TN – SARAH PEACOCK, Nashville, TN – GRACE PETTIS, Austin, TX – DANIEL THOMAS PHIPPS, Austin, TX – NATALIE PRICE, Austin, TX – RAY PRIM, Austin, TX – MICHAEL PRYSOCK, Dallas, TX – ERIC RAMSEY, Phoenix, AZ – CARI RAY, Nashville, IN – BOB SIMPSON, Lubbock, TX – CHRIS TAYLOR, San Antonio, TX – MEAGAN TUBB, Dripping Springs, TX – ERIK VAN DEN BROECK, Kapelle op den Bos, BELGIUM – DAN WEBER, Vancouver, WA – LACEY WILLIAMS, St. George, UT – ALEX WINTERS, Georgetown, TX.

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