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Step-by-step guide of DWT Trail

a dripping with taste blue passport in a vineyard with yellow flowers

Although it’s 100 degrees, Fall will be here before we know it and with the cooler temps comes the desire to get out and explore some of the wineries, breweries and distilleries in our own backyard. The Dripping with Taste Trail and Passport is a great way to experience a new local favorite or visit a place you’ve never been before. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how the DWT Passport works.

But first, here’s the gist of the DWT Passport: The Dripping with Taste Passport is a self-guided event taking place October 1-31 in the scenic Dripping Springs area. With the purchase of a Passport, receive one complimentary tasting (determined by each establishment) at all 25 participating wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

And, now onto the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Decide if you’re traversing the trail alone or if you’ll go with a partner. If you decide to do the buddy system, you’ll want to get a couples passport. Know that with a couples passport, you will get one passport but you will get two tastings (one tasting per person). Couples passports are $90. For an individual passport, the cost is $50. Whether you choose the couples or individual passport, you’ll receive a tasting or flight at each 25 participating establishments.

2. Next step is to go online ( to purchase your passport. A very critical step in the check-out process is deciding where you want to pick up your passport and begin the Dripping with Taste Trail. At this step, you need to select a winery, brewery or distillery to pick up your passport. Be aware of the hours of the destination you choose. If you want to start your passport ASAP, you might want to choose a place that isn’t just open on the weekends. Once you’ve chosen your starting point, finish the checkout process.

the Dripping with Taste Trail Logo

3. On October 1st, you can start the trail! Your first stop on the trail will be the place you chose at checkout to pick up your passport. This will be your first stop. Once you have arrived, head to the bar, and tell the server you’re there to pick up your Dripping with Taste Passport. Your passport will be given to you and will either have a C or an I marked on the cover. The C is for couples and the I is for an individual passport. Once you have the Passport in-hand, make sure to fill out the inside cover of your passport with your name and phone number. Next, enjoy your first complimentary flight or tasting. The server will stamp your passport and mark their business name off the back of your passport booklet. (Don’t forget to tip your server!).

4. Also at your first stop, you’ll want to pick up the Dripping with Taste Guide-Map. The “Guide” will have everything you need to know about the Trail. It has hours of operation, a map in the middle of all the participating venues (there is also a digital map on the website), web addresses, and a little bio on each winery, brewery and distillery. The guide will help you determine the best plan of action to make the most of your Dripping with Taste experience and there are several ads for discounts or freebies!

5. Once you’ve made your plan, head to your next destination! You might always check with a particular venue before you start out just to make sure their time of operation hasn’t changed.

6. Remember, you can visit up to 4 places in one day and can only receive one complimentary flight or tasting at each winery, brewery or distillery during the month of October.

7. Make sure to document your trail journey and share with us your experience by tagging @drippingwithtaste or #cheerstothetrail

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