Live Music @ Parmeson Wines

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Live Music @ Parmeson Wines

Date: Apr 08 - July 01, 2023
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
We make elegant and refined wines that enable the unique characteristics of the terroir, or place they are from, to come through. The wines have a nice acidity and can pair perfectly with food, and are also great on their own.
Our style in the winemaking process is a “hands off” approach. When you work with excellent grapes, there is less meddling required in the winemaking process; the wines are more complex and the specific flavors of the vineyard site are able to come through.
Parmeson Wines is a small family business based on good old-fashioned principles. We focus on producing handcrafted, premium wines in small lots. We base our business on longstanding relationships with exceptional growers. We produce a small number of cases of each wine, allowing us to maintain a high level attention to detail and relentless focus on quality.
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