the Beeswax Co.

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The Beeswax Co.

120 Frog Pond Ln, Bldg A-100 - (512) 829-5586
We don’t mind telling you, our family is obsessed with beeswax.
We use grand-daddy’s beekeeping tools to burnish each candle we make by hand. We think of our work as a beautiful collaboration between people and bees.
Each step in our hand-crafted process is designed to bring out the natural beauty and healthy burning properties of the 100% pure beeswax we get from Texas beekeepers.

What about leftover beeswax candle stubs or scraps?

Whatever we do, we strive to put every bit of beeswax to good use. Between our beeswax recipes and our beeswax recycling program, you can do the same.

We happily accept your beeswax donations. Once we’ve collected enough donated beeswax, we carefully clean it and pour fresh candles that we give to charitable organizations right here in Texas.
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