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Jester King Brewery + Event Hall

Date: Oct 18, 2019


Jester King makes food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place & people, and is a welcoming place for people of all ages to enjoy community, fun, and hospitality in a special setting.
Jester King Brewery
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Jester King began as a farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation.

Its beers incorporate well water, local grains, fruits and vegetables, foraged plants, and native yeast and bacteria so as to make beer uniquely tied to a time, place, and people. Jester King’s inspiration came from the classic farmhouse breweries of Europe that embrace principles of subtlety, restraint, patience, full attenuation and interesting fermentation character.

Jester King's pure culture fermentation program took flight in January 2020, as it began offering "clean" versions of lagers and ales, including pilsners, IPAs, and imperial stouts."

In 2021, Jester King unveiled wine and cider offerings. Winemaking is a natural extension of the process by which Jester King makes beer, and uses the same approach and philosophy. Jester King uses its own groundwater source and Texas grapes and fruit for wine and Texas apples for the cider. The wine and cider products are fermented with Jester King mixed culture in stainless steel vessels.

On Saturdays, guests can schedule brewery tours to get an inside look at how the Jester King magic happens.


As with their drink menu, the Jester King kitchen creates food uniquely tied to a time, place and people. The kitchen uses farm, fermented or foraged ingredients wherever possible, and the dough is leavened with indigenous yeast and bacteria from Jester King land.

Jester King continues to explore different ways to incorporate local products into each item. Monthly features often include in-season produce from the surrounding Central Texas area.

Jester King has also bolstered its menu to include fresh bakery items, from breads to pretzels, to sweet treats like cookies, babka and panna cotta. Holding true to the theme, the bakery items are made with local ingredients such as Barton Springs Mill flour, spent fruit, and more.

Look for the offerings at Jester King to continue to expand as the brand and the menu are ever-evolving.

Jester King offers live music Wednesday through Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


Nestled on 165 acres in the Texas Hill Country, Jester King Brewery is dedicated to conservation, sustainability, and stewardship of its land. Several acres are allocated to our working farm, with progress being made towards food crops that can be used in the kitchen as well as for beer production.

As Austin grows and green space becomes less common, Jester King continues to preserve its small piece of the Hill Country. In 2016, Jester King began farming and currently grows a few fruits and vegetables. In 2018, it planted a three-acre vineyard.

Jester King is home to a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Though the smallest of all dairy goats, this West African breed can endure the summer heat. Their milk is highest in butterfat composition, producing the sweetest milk, and softest soap. The herd is a matriarchy; the current ruling Queen is Luna. Jester King offers different goat experiences that allows visitors to mingle with the herd and learn about the goats grazing habits and Jester King’s general farming practices. Jester King plans to add to the diversity of its livestock over time.

In 2020, Jester King officially opened its 2-mile Nature Trail. Guests are encouraged to come out and enjoy the trail through the natural landscape 8 am-dusk daily. The Jester King trail system provides an opportunity for guests and the community to enjoy and appreciate the natural landscapes of the Texas Hill Country. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the terrain is uneven in some areas.


As mentioned, Jester King has always been about creating moments tied to time, place, and people. The Hall at Jester King is a unique, open-air space with a beautiful, rustic Hill Country feel that will make any special event one to remember.


The Jester King Inn (formerly the Tipping T Inn) is a relaxing place to escape and ground yourself for your time in the Texas Hill Country. Each of the five properties offers unique accommodations ranging from two up to ten guests. It has direct access to the Jester King grounds through a private gate, so guests can get the full Jester King Experience.


Jester King is more than a brewery or a restaurant, it is an experience. Whether for your next special family celebration, or a casual date night listening to live music in the Beer Garden, Jester King offers a wealth of opportunities to please everyone.

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