Greater Goods Roasting Company

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Greater Goods Roasting Company

Greater Goods Coffee is a woman-owned, small-batch roasting company based in Dripping Springs, Texas. We're on a mission to positively impact our communities at home and origin by offering a curated selection of delicious, responsibly-sourced specialty coffee. We founded our company on the following principles:

Giving Back

We believe coffee has the power to transform lives. Your daily brew is more than just coffee - it’s meals for families, training for puppies, support for individuals with autism, and educational programs for female coffee farmers.

Texas Hospitality.

Greater Goods was born and bred in Texas. It all began in 2015, when Trey and I decided to follow our passion and palates to form a roasting company in the Texas Hill Country.

We are committed to building long term relationships with farmers, paying premium prices for their green coffee, roasting it to perfection, and providing the best wholesale program to small-business owners like us nationwide.

Sharing Coffee Knowledge

When Trey and I founded Greater Goods, we wanted not only to share our passion for coffee, but also our knowledge of coffee. We believe that sharing this coffee knowledge brings more appreciation to the craft and a stronger bond to our community.

Sourcing and Roasting Done Right.

From Mexico to Vietnam, we travel far and wide to find the world’s best beans. It's not enough for us that the coffee tastes delicious. Cup quality goes hand-in-hand with the relationships we build at origin.

We partner exclusively with producers and importers who provide transparency and living wages. Once the coffee arrives, we craft individual roast profiles to bring out the best quality in each batch.

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