Music at Beerburg Brewing

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Music at Beerburg Brewing

Date: Mar 05 - Oct 29, 2021

We love brewing; however, our passion doesn’t stop there. We strive to source everything locally to support our community and peers. Sometimes, as with hops, ingredients are not available locally or there may be ethical issues with an industry. In these cases, we focus entirely on quality and responsible sourcing so that our commitment to small businesses remains intact. We feel it is extremely important that when you support our local business, there is a ripple effect to other Austin/Texas businesses and farms.

We are additionally committed to creating a zero solid and liquid waste facility that provides its own energy and water. There is a truly magical quality to the Texas hill country that makes every sip of beer and bite of food that much more enjoyable. We hope our efforts preserve and enhance that experience on our property and that they may have a small but lasting impact on our planet.

Above our bar are the phrases “Better Together” and “All are Welcome”. Beerburg was founded on these principles and will always strive to create a place where diversity is celebrated. This is reflected in our personal demeanor, our facilities, and our menus. Many of our efforts will likely be subtle and in the background so please reach out if you are curious if we can accommodate your needs.

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